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Lesley's Odd Little Space
Random Opinions

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Well this page is here merely for me to rant, rave and randomly comment on anything.

See Ocean's Eleven.
It is such a good movie.
My friend Jenny is ready to be a thief because of it.

I just bought Wingspan the compilation cd of Wings greatest hits. It is soo good. I highly recomend buying it. It is so interesting how many songs you know and didn't realize were from Wings.

I highly recomend reading the books by David Koenig about Disney. He has written two books about Disneyland and one about Disney animated movies. They are an excellent read for any Disney fan.

I am really excited about Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones coming out. I have the trailer on my computer, but my computer doesn't have sound, so that makes it kinda hard to fully enjoy. But at The Lord of the Rings, I got to see the trailer with sound. It looks so good.

Has anyone ever noticed your house makes strange noises when you are the only one there?

Ever since I put this page up to voice my odd little random thoughts, I have been at a loss for them. Weird isn't it?

I just had my teeth pulled and I had no idea how boring it would be just to eat jello, pudding, ice cream and applesauce all day. I miss solid foods. You don't realize how much you do until after you can't have it anymore and realize you still have to eat jello.

Is anyone else out there as upset by the new Disney sequels coming out? Peter Pan 2, Cinderella 2, ugh! It makes me mad. Walt Disney would never make a sequel, so why should the Walt Disney Company make sequels now? Michael Eisner ticks me off sometimes.


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