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Lesley's Odd Little Space
My Music

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I like music that isn't typically liked by my generation. Consider yourself warned.

Billy Joel


I adore Billy Joel, in fact I even named my twin brother, Billy, after him. (I don't have a twin brother, I was playing a joke on a friend of mine)
Some of my favorite Billy Joel songs are "The River Of Dreams," "We Didn't Start The Fire," "I Go To Extremes," "Sleeping With The Television On," "You May Be Right," "Pressure," "The Stranger," "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant," "Only The Good Die Young," "Big Shot," "Leave A Tender Moment Alone," "Honesty," " The Stranger," and "Piano Man."

The Beatles


I love the Beatles! My favorite Beatles songs are "Yellow Submarine," "The Ballad Of John and Yoko," "Help," "A Hard Day's Night," "Paperback Writer," "She Loves You," "Eleanor Rigby," "Something," "Penny Lane," "Hey Jude," "Strawberry Fields Forever," "All You Need Is Love," "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band," "Lady Madonna," "A Little Help From My Friends," "Get Back," "Come Together," "Can't Buy Me Love," "Eight Days A Week," "Yesterday," "Hello, Goodbye," "Let it Be," and "Hey Bulldog."



Elton John


Elton John was born Reginald Dwight on March 25, 1947(my birthday, wrong year though, just a bit off).
My favorite songs are "Take Me to The Pilot," "Your Song," "I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself," "Rocket Man," "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," "Levon," "Madman Across the Water," "Tiny Dancer," "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," and anything on the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" album.


Weird Al


Weird Al, he is so funny. My favorite Weird Al songs are "Yoda," "Bohemian Polka," "The Saga Begins," "Amish Paradise," "Everything You Know Is Wrong," "Dare To Be Stupid," "Stop Dragging My Car Around," "I Want A New Duck," "The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota," "You Don't Love Me Anymore," and "The Night Santa Went Crazy."
Ellen's favorite song is "Albuquerque"
According to, "He has also done a great deal to advance the cause of accordian wielding weirdos, which we are all thankful for."